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we back companies that create social and economic value

EdTech opportunity explained

Short for education technology, EdTech is now a disruptive mega-trend accelerated by Covid-19.

Expenditure to hit $10T by 2030

Expenditure on education and training from governments, parents, individuals and corporates continues to grow to historic levels and is expected to reach USD$10T by 2030.

Driven by 500M more school students by 2025 ​

By 2025 there will be half a billion more school and university graduates in the world than today, driven primarily by population growth in developing countries.

Innovation requires capital

Governments are struggling to fund education to previous levels and education is not drawing on enough private capital to fund the innovation that’s needed. Public-Private Partnerships will be critical to supporting future growth, innovation and access to education.​

We invest exclusively in late-stage growth investments

Lower risk

Lower risk than VC but return profiles are typically better than PE (buyout)

Faster liquidity

Time to liquidity truncated due to later stage focus

Bigger impact

Global growth businesses aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4

our competitive advantage

With deep EdTech sector experience and networks, Five Sigma is perfectly positioned to:

  • deliver higher quality, proprietary deal flow
  • discern risk factors and pick “winners” to a greater degree than generalist VCs
  • provide genuine post-investment value add
  • achieve financial returns through positive societal impact - aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

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