Peter Mobbs

Managing Partner 

With 20+ years' experience in education across all segments – schools, vocational, higher ed, corporate and international - Peter brings deep EdTech sector knowledge and network.

Peter also has both private and public company experience as founder (with 2x successful exits – 1 to global listed education business and 1 to PE), executive, non-executive director and chair.

Boris Groysberg 


Professor Groysberg is a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, where he teaches courses on corporate leadership, talent management, and entrepreneurship. He has also served as a consultant to several leading investment companies, providing strategic advice and guidance on issues related to growth, innovation, and market positioning. Boris has been listed twice in the HRTech Top 100 Influencers (2019 and 2020). 

Boris is responsible for assisting Five Sigma to identify the most promising EdTech investment opportunities and helping our portfolio companies navigate their competitive landscape.  

Guy Newton

BDM/Customer relations

Kate Robinson

In-house Legal

Rohan Grey

Portfolio manager

Will Smith


Mei Lee

Partner, Operations

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